These photos and information courtesy of Margaret King

Photo details;
1 Ethel Grigg
2 Ethel Bracknell nee Grigg at Blackpool Top Right
3 Ethel Grigg with Victor Hodgson
4 Thomas Grigg
5 Ethel Grigg
6 Thomas Grigg
7 Thomas Grigg Blackpool
8 Barry Bracknell
9 Barry Bracknell with Bobby Barnes 1952
10 William Grigg
11 William Grigg
12 Elizabeth Grigg

Ethel Grigg born 1911 died 1984. 1st husband was Arthur Bracknell also from Deaf Hill, born 1904 died at the age of 29yrs due to accident at Deaf Hill colliery leaving her with 3 small children. They lived in Prospect Terrace. Her youngest son Barry died at the age of 17 also due to accident at Deaf Hill.
William Snaith Grigg (Billy) died 1979, his wifes name was Mary, nee Ogden
Thomas (Tot) Grigg born 1903 died 1970, wife May

My mother Ethel married my father Bob Binks July 1st 1944 in St Pauls church. I was then born in 1946. We had a sweet shop in Station Road.

Margaret King
January 2016