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George Ford's general album updated with more photos
Trimdon Grange School 1956 - 24 photos courtesy of Alison Hodgson

Trimdon History
Places and people from Trimdon's history

Trimdon Today
Recent photos from around Trimdon - events, scenes etc.

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Banners & Meetings
Deaf Hill, Trimdon Colliery & Trimdon Grange banner marches and Durham Big Meeting

Note: Videos are listed on the Banners & Meetings index page.



Eddie Pike's Photo Collections
The complete collections of the late Eddie Pike

Other Personal Collections
A variety of photo albums provided courtesy of several Trimdon people and ex-Trimdoners

Matty Scott

Margaret King

John Carr

Welch & Howie

David Rose



George Mills

Jim Robinson

Norman Slater


The photos above lead directly to the individual galleries (collections of photographs).
Details accompany each photograph where it is available, unfortunately many were provided without any information.
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My sincere thanks to everyone who took the time and trouble to scan and send photos which helped to build these photo galleries.

  • Most of these photographs have been kindly provided by our website visitors over the years. They include old photos of Trimdon, people, lifestyle, and transport. Many collections of family photographs and other subjects have also been added by various people.
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More Trimdon photographs of any type and age are always welcome – people, places, sports, mining, banners; anything to do with Trimdon! All photos are credited to the sender, and copyright remains with the sender - we do not pass on or otherwise use your photos without prior consent.
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