More family photographs which include a couple of more Trimdon families:
Parks, Chaytor and Seymour. All provided courtesy of John Robinson, Canada.

Photo details in order of display:

  1. 1948 Ellen Penny. Cleveland Avenue: Ellen Robinson, niece Penny Bull and Bertha Seymour.
  2. 1948 Ellen Penny Front Step. Cleveland Avenue: Ellen Robinson, niece Penny Bull and Bertha Seymour.
  3. 1948 Eveline Ellen George Bull. Cleveland Avenue, Eveline Robinson, daughter Ellen and grandson George Bull.
  4. 1948 Harry Penny Bull. Cleveland Avenue, Harry Robinson and niece Penny Bull.
  5. 1948 PAUL SEYMOURS. Cleveland Avenue, Colin and Jim Seymour, Paul Robinson Centre.
  6. 1949 George Jr & Paul. Allisons Buildings. George Bull and uncle Paul Robinson.
  7. 1949 George Jr Balaclava. Allisons Buildings. George Bull.
  8. 1949 George Penny Charlie. Allisons Buildings. George Bull, sister Penny and dog Charlie.
  9. 1949 Hannah George Jr Penny. Allisons Buildings, Hannah Bull with children George and Penny. Plus Chaytor Children.
  10. 1949 Hannah holding Stephanie. Skerne Avenue, Hannah and Stephanie Bull.
  11. 1949 HANNAH WASHING TRIMDON. Skerne Avenue, Hannah Bull.
  12. 1949 Penny Allisons Buildings. Penny Bull and ? Chaytor.
  13. 1949 Penny Bull Trike. Allisons Buildings Penny Bull.
  14. 1949 Penny with doll. Allisons Buildings. Penny Bull.
  15. 1950 06 Trimdon N2773. Stephanie Bull, Skerne Ave
  16. 1950 Doris and John Robinson. Cleveland Ave. Doris and son John Robinson.
  17. 1950 Eveline 0788. Cleveland Ave. Eveline Robinson talking to Mrs Parks, Burn Oval.
  18. 1950 George Bull Ellen Paul Robinson. Cleveland Ave. Ellen and Paul Robinson with nephew George Bull.
  19. 1950 George Stephanie Bull. Skerne Ave.
  20. 1950 JUDY ANDERSON. Cleveland Ave. Sheila Parks and Judith Anderson.
  21. 1950 Paul Robinson, Cleveland Ave.
  22. 1950 Paul George Bull Jim Seymore. Cleveland Ave. Paul Robinson, nephew George Bull and Jim Seymour.
  23. 1950 Penny and George Bull Charlie. Cleveland Ave. Penny and George Bull with Bertha Seymour.
  24. 1952 03 Trimdon N2722. Cleveland Ave. Ellen and Paul Robinson.