A selection of old Trimdon mining photographs from several people – many thanks to all contributors.

Photo Details:

  1. Eric Hart: I Thought I would share this with you all as it struck me as sad. My father and his family came from Trimdon Grange which suffered a huge explosion in 1882 killing 74 ‘men and boys’ which must have been devastating for the 4 Trimdon villages. I knew there was a memorial erected at the time but could find no details online where it is. So as my great-grandfather was one of them – Michael Hart – I decided to go and find it. I looked in Trimdon Grange Cemetery but no success. I must have asked 20 people around all 4 Trimdon villages but none had ever heard of the disaster let alone the memorial. I eventually found it in East End Cemetery, Trimdon, not near the church but the separate graveyard. No one wants to live in the past but I was surprised that so many people of the area didn’t know their own – very important – heritage, so I attach a picture of the memorial. Courtesy of Eric Hart, 14th June 2017
  2. Courtesy of Eric Hart, 14th June 2017


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