Details (where known) of photos in this gallery are below - if you can add any details, or more photos, it would be appreciated.

  1. Deaf Hill 1919
    Courtesy of Stephen Proud, 23rd Aug 2023
    Hello, the maternal side of my family lived in various parts of the Trimdons and Thornley for about a century— roughly 1880s through to my grandmothers death in 1990.
    The attached school-group photo that includes my maternal grandmother Henrietta Madden (nee Dixon). The photo caption says: Deaf Hill Girls School class 2 1919. Henrietta Dixon (probably better known in the area as Etta Madden) is back row second from right. She would have been about age 14 when it was taken. With the 1918 education act that had raised school leaving age to 14 I suppose many of the girls pictured like Etta would have been about to leave school education system. . .Some of her mother’s family ( Langlands ) still life in the area and we are in touch. Not in touch with Etta’s Dixon paternal-side however . Etta’s father emigrated to Australia in 1913 and plans for family to follow were scuppered when he volunteered for the Australian Imperial Force to fight in France and Flanders in WW1. Surprisingly I have information about him from down under — ANZAC military service in 1915 through to his death. Being a soldier a lot is recorded also his life down under after war is quite well recorded. I know less about his early life in Thornley and Trimdon up to 1913. Etta’s father was Thomas John Dixon born 1880 in Thornley and her paternal grand parents were George Dixon 1857-1905 and his wife Margaret (nee Henderson) 1857-1888. His parents passing away when he was quite young might explain why I know comparatively little about lost connections. .The Dixons appear in census of 1881 in Thornley. Then in 1911 census some eight years before this school photo Etta was the only surviving child of Thomas Dixon and his wife Georgina ( nee Langlands) — the family address was The Square Trimdon Colliery.. Information about that street and the Dixon family particularly in the period around 1905 -1913 would be welcome.
  2. Trimdon Grange Infants School
    Courtesy of Elizabeth Bonarius, this photograph was taken in the 1950's, possibly 1952 or 1953.
  3. Trimdon Foundry 1950?
    Courtesy of Elizabeth Bonarius, taken at the Foundry School about 1949/50, my brother Les Jordan is at the right hand end of the middle row. Middle row: he thinks some names are John Hopper Robert Bentham, Robert Storey, John Wharrior, Les Jordan. Bottom Row: he thinks some names are? Bannister, Roland Hutchinson, Gerald Reed, Arthur Walker, Ralph Brown, John Garner, Colin Elliott, ? Bannister. Any other names or details please let us know.
    UPDATED- Top Row L to R: Eddy Wilson, Harry Flint, DickSmith, Stan Kerry, Ivan Whitlock, Allan Carter, Bob Proudfoot, John Scott and Wallace Carter.
    Middle Row L to R: Billy Kell, John Hopper, Barry Thomas, Stewart Rutter, Geordie Watts, Brian Garner, Robert Bentham, Percy Welsh, Gobby Storey, John Warrier and Les Jordan
    Front Row L to R: Joe Bannister, Rolly Hutchinson, Gerald Reed, Billy Harland, Arthur Walker, Ralphy Brown, John Garner, Colin Elliot and Ronnie Bannister.
    (Ronnie Bannister provided missing names 31st Aug 2014)
  4. Secondary Modern 1960
    Trimdon Secondary Modern circa 1960, courtesy of George Ford.
    Names courtesy of Marlene Davies :Top row from L to R
    (Editor's note: names & number of people don't tally, but info left here for reference anyway)
    Frank Reed, Teddy Hails, unknown?, Raymond Webb, Brian Collins, Dennis Parkinson, John Armstrong, George Ford, Malcolm Barnes, Trevor Wilkinson, Alan Bell.
    Middle row: Derek Golightly, Malcolm Aitkin, Thomas Robinson, Pauline Carter, Norma Cowie, Mavis Dent,Pauline Eadsforth, June Watson, Jack Laverick, David Mason, Terry Carter.
    Bottom Row: Kathleen Spressor, Sandra Green, Christine Defty, Patricia Coates, Jean Stubbs, Joyce Merrifield, unknown?, Jean Hubery, Brenda Eadsforth, Marlene Brown, Sandra Bowen Jean Hardy, Margaret Cann.
  5. Trimdon Grange School 1929
  6. Trimdon Grange School 1929 Ronald Collins (front middle) Others unidentified. Courtesy of Brian Collins
  7. Deaf Hill Infants Mrs Waltons Class circa 1958 - courtesy Chris Young
  8. Deaf Hill Infants Miss Sparks Class circa 1958 - courtesy Chris Young
  9. Deaf Hill Infants courtesy of Nancy Grigg (nee Parkinson) Teachers were Mrs Blanthorn and Mrs Walker
  10. Deaf Hill Infants, courtesy of Nancy Grigg (nee Parkinson) Once into juniors/seniors, all girls
  11. Deaf Hill Infants courtesy of Nancy Grigg (nee Parkinson)
  12. No details for this photo - can you help?
  13. Parochial sewing class
  14. Parochial in playground
  15. Parochial school
  16. St Williams at Blackhall Rocks 1974
  17. St Williams date unknown
  18. Trimdon village football team, holding trophies
  19. Trimdon Village parochial 1961? Mr C Jones headmaster
  20. Trimdon Village Parochial early 60s



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