Trimdon Village photographs, details of each photo below and also as photos are viewed


Photo Details:

Gallery 1:
TG01 Trimdon Grange Pit Heaps from top of Watch Bank
TG02 Countryside View
TG03 An overturned lorry at the bottom of the Watch Bank in the 1970’s
TG04 Watchbank View
TG05 Grange Lodge, Trimdon Grange
TG06 ‘The Grange’ Gate House Lodge
TG07 ‘The Grange’ in the 1920’s. (Centre was built as a farmhouse in 1600’s) East and West wings added in the early 1900’s
TG08 ‘Landau’ coach awaits its passengers outside ‘Grange’. Trimdon Grange 1898, coachman Mr Jim Welsh
TG09 A Garden party at the ‘Grange’ 1892 with Walter Scott (Colliery owner) family and guests
TG10 Football Cup presentation at ‘Grange’ 1937
TG11 Trimdon Grange School opened 1911
TG12 Trimdon Council School staff of 1913
TG13 Trimdon Grange Council School 1919
TG14 Council School Trimdon Grange
TG15 Trimdon Grange Council School 1990 now nursery and infants school
TG16 Trimdon Grange Council School class 1921
TG17 Trimdon Grange Council School class 1924
TG18 Trimdon Grange Council Infants School class 1929
TG19 Trimdon Grange Council School class 1930s
TG20 Trimdon Grange Council School class 1930s
TG21 Trimdon Grange Council School 1949
TG22 Trimdon Grange Council School class 1956
TG23 Trimdon Grange Infants 1990
TG24 Trimdon Grange Infants 1990

Gallery 2:
TG25 Trimdon Grange Infants Class 2001
TG26 Trimdon Grange Infants Class 2001
TG27 Trimdon Grange Council School Football Cup Winners of 1911-12
Bob Barnes, Bob Patterson, Jack danby, Harry Chaytor (Res), George Allinson, Tom Winn, Gib Elliot, (Albert Swift, Sport/Master) Bill Edmunds, Jake Redden, Alex Cook, Jess Craig, Mousey McDonald, Harry Young (Res)
TG28 Winners Cap from 1912 – Durham County Schools Football Association
TG29 Trimdon Grange School Cup Winners 1945-1946
TG30 Trimdon Grange Football Team 1946-1947
TG31 Trimdon Grange Council School Cup Football Winners 1950
TG32 Trimdon Grange Council School Cookery Class 1949
TG33 Trimdon Grange Council School Netball Team 1949
TG34 Rose Street, Trimdon Grange around 1910
TG35 Rose Street
TG36 Rose Street, Trimdon Grange 1960s showing Trimdon Bakeries at the top
TG37 Independent Methodist Church Womens Auxillary Trimdon Grange 1926
TG38 Trimdon Bakeries, Rose Street 1960s
TG39 Rose Street
TG40 Trimdon Bakeries Delivery Van 1960s
TG41 Billy Nevens, Manager at Trimdon Bakeries 1960s
TG42 Desolation back of Rose Street. This was originally Trimdon Grange station
TG43 Rose Street
TG44 The Wingate Arms in the early 1900s.
The pub opened in 1856 and served as a beerhouse, blacksmiths and butchers, the main drinkers being the quarrymen, and closed in 1971
TG45 The Wingate Arms on Fox Hunt meet in the 1960s
TG46 The Wingate Arms (recent)
TG47 The Wingate Arms pub 1964
TG48 Trimdon Oldest Man…

Gallery 3:
TG49 Local Quarrymen in the 1930s
TG50 Local Quarrymen in the 1930s
TG51a Bobby Cowell at Wembley Saturday 3rd May 1952
TG51b Bobby Cowell at the Grange 1992, sadly he died in 1997
TG52 Lenny Watson and his medals from ‘The Veteran Athletics’
TG53 Lenny Watson crosses the finishing line in the 1984 London Marathon
TG54a The Original D-Jays Band 1960s and 1970s
L-R Gary Chapman, Johnny Gunn, Brian Quincey, Dennis Jordan, Brent Moore and Ronnie Davison
TG54b Four of the original D-Jays at a recent get together
TG55 Malcolm Dawes
Played football for Darlington, Nuneaton, Horden, Aldershot, Hartlepool, Workington, New York Cosmos, Denver Dynamos. Over 500 league and cup games played.
TG56 Schoolboys clamour for Clough – newspaper article
TG57 A shire horse to pull the carts from the Trimdon Grange station in the 1930s (on right, Miners Hall)
TG58 Miners hall on right
TG59 The Station Hotel, Rose Street, Trimdon Grange around the 1940s
TG60 Wingate Quarry Footballers 1912-1913
TG61 Trimdon Grange Ladies Football Team 1920s
TG62 The building of Northside Buildings, Trimdon Grange 1930s (local councillors)
TG63 Trimdon Grange Womens Institute Outing 1960s
TG64 Brighter Future In Prospect – Hartlepool Mail article from August 2nd 1988
TG65 A Postcard of Trimdon Grange
TG66 Local Postman, 1930s ( Freddie Lee )
TG67 Coronation Day Queen Elizabeth 2nd at Trimdon Grange house 2nd June 1953
TG68 Manny Robinson and haymakers on farm 1930s Trimdon Grange
TG69 Trimdon Grange view
TG70 Trimdon Grange Council School 1949

Gallery 4:
TG71 Trimdon Grange Council School 1949
TG72 Trimdon Grange Council School 1949
TG73 Trimdon Grange Council School Class 1954/55 – names below
S.Hawes H.Craise J.Calvert E.Dixon J.Lodge J.Robinson W.Duffy J.Alderson A.Duddin, M.Proud T.Graham D.Parkinson _____ J.Carrington A.Walker B.Brown A.Short, ____ ____ ____ ____ Miss Martin ?.Gibson ____ R. Mason R. Franklin,
TG74 Trimdon Grange Council School Juniors Class 1955/56
TG75 Trimdon Grange Council School Football Cup Winners 1952
TG76 Lay Church Conference Tea at Trimdon Grange school shelter 1925
TG77 Lay Church Conference Tea at Trimdon Grange school shelter 1925
TG79 Haunted House (text)
TG80 Welch Harp pigeon men outside the pub in the 1930s
TG81 Coronation day 1953 outside the Welsh harp. Jack Luke was landlord at the time.
TG82 The Welsh Harp 2003. Paul & Pat Wilson landlords. (Closed at Easter 2003)
TG83 The Welsh harp
TG84 The Welsh harp
TG85 The level crossing at Trimdon Grange 1960s
TG86 Old railway crossing Trimdon Grange
TG87 A view from Spion Kop of Salters Lane around 1900. Grange Inn, Welsh Harp, Dovecote and Colliery Inn. In centre was a fish shop. In the foreground wooden shops and entrance to Rose Street (gap in houses on left).
TG88 Salters Lane
TG89 Miners homes, Galbraith Terrace, Trimdon Grange builtr 1904
TG90 Galbraith Terrace
TG91 Councillor S. Tate and Mayor od Durham Councillor Graydon take the salute at Trimdons Warship Week in front of Galbraith Terrace in the 1940s
TG92 The Miners Welfare Institute Hall, Trimdon Grange, built in 1910
TG93 The Miners Welfare Institute Hall, Trimdon Grange
TG94 Harold Wilson, labour prime Minister 1964-1970 meets local Trimdon Grange pensioners Mr & Mrs Hoban.
TG95 Memorial to the men of the three Trimdons who lost their lives in the Graet War (World War 1). Was above the fireplace in the Miners Hall, Trimdon Grange.

Gallery 5:
TG96 MP Jim Callaghan at Trimdon Grange 1960s
TG97 Trimdon Grange Colliery 1910 (with postmark)
TG98 Trimdon Grange Colliery in the early 1900s
TG99 Trimdon Grange Colliery in the 1920s
TG100 Coal Miners Pay Note Trimdon Grange colliery 29th December 1900, 7 shifts for 2 men after off-takes. Take home pay 19s/11d (19 shillings and 11 pence – just under £1.00 ) Griffith McGuire
TG101 Trimdon Grange Colliery token – had to be worn when underground, and miners lamps of the time.
TG102 Coal Miners Pay Note Trimdon Grange colliery 1953, 5 shifts for 1 man, after off-takes take home pay £4/10s/4d ( just under £4.52p )
TG103 Lamp Cabin boys, Trimdon Grange pit 1920s
TG104 Pit lads Trimdon Grange colliery in the 1920s
TG105 Shops and Front Street, Trimdon Grange 1915-1920
TG106 Front Street, Trimdon Grange
TG107 Trimdon Grange Front Street early 1960s
TG108 Front Street, Trimdon Grange 1960s. LtoR Lazenby Butchers, Chemist (first parked car), Post Office, Barclays Bank, Barkers Drapers, Ruecrofts Hardware (second car) – McGlens Newsagent – Teasdales Store
TG109 Front Street, Trimdon Grange 1960s – Teasdales Store (car near centre of pic) – Barbers. Opening at right of photo led to rear of Co-Op store (old stables)
TG110 Top of Front Street, Trimdon Grange 1944, behind old hall, next to level crossing.
TG111 Back of Duff Heap Row & Front Street, Trimdon Grange. Peter Lee was born at number 5 Duff Heap Row.
TG112 Demoltion in progress of shops in Trimdon Grange Front Street 1970s
TG113 Front Street, Trimdon Grange as it is now.
TG114 Signal Box, Dovecote Inn, Colliery Inn, Post Office and Tulips shop, Trimdon Grange 1960s
TG115 Trimdon Grange Front Street and shops in the 1960s
TG116 Trimdon Grange Front Street 1960s
TG117 Trimdon Grange Front Street 1960s
TG118 Greenwells Shop, Front Street, Trimdon Grange 1961
TG119 Roe’s Hardware Shop, Trimdon Grange 1920s

Gallery 6:
TG120 Greenwells confectionary shop, Trimdon Grange 1960s
TG121 Lads ready for a night out in the 1960s
TG122 Redes Dale shopping centre, Trimdon Grange, built 1974
TG123 Redes Dale shopping centre, Trimdon Grange
TG124 Game of Pitch & Toss, behind hall next to level crossing, Trimdon Grange
TG125 Colliery Inn, Trimdon Grange 1960s – Post Office next door.
TG126 The Train Crossing looking North, Trimdon Grange 1960s
TG127 Former train crossing, Trimdon Grange
TG128 Demolition of old signal box in the late 1960s, narrower level crossing made.
TG129 Site of old level crossing
TG130 At the front of Long Row, Trimdon Grange (facing North) in the 1950s
TG131 Back of Long Row, Trimdon Grange, 1940s, opposite Dovecote Inn in background
TG132 The new level crossing, Trimdon Grange 1960s, Dovecote In on left
TG133 The Williams Brothers cyclists with trophies, Trimdon Grange 1905
TG134 Welsh Harp and Dovecote pubs, Trimdon Grange 1970s
TG135 The Watson’s shop
TG136 Miss Gladys Nattress (as Iolanthe) at the Imperial Picture Hall, Trimdon Grange, 1920s
TG137 The Picturedrome cinema, Trimdon Grange, opened 1913 opposite Long Row. Films on show around 1955; Return To Paradise made 1953; Across the Wide Missouri made 1951; The Wages of Fear made 1953; The Red Danube made 1950
TG138 Surgery Row, Trimdon Grange, 1910. Houses were made of wood.
TG139 Raffle Tickets 23rd September 1908. Found under the stage at Trimdon Grange miners hall.
TG140 Trimdon Grange Pit lads 1920s
TG141 Pitmen, Trimdon Grange colliery 1920s
TG142 Pitmen ready for next shift, Trimdon Grange 1920s
TG143 Lamp cabin boys, Trimdon Grange pit 1920s

Gallery 7:
TG144 Trimdon Grange pit lads early 1900s
TG145 Trimdon Grange Colliery 1960s – view from Spion Cop
TG146 Trimdon Grange Pit Heap from behind Front Street in the 1960s
TG147 The original Past & Present group, formed in 1988
TG148 Trimdon Grange map 1970
TG149 Trimdon Grange map 1996
TG150 Peter Lee – text synopsis
TG151 Peter Lee
TG152 The Pioneers – Nicky Wilkinson and Tommy Ramsey
TG153 Trimdon Grange Colliery in the 1950s – view from footbridge on the level crossing
TG154 Trimdon Grange Colliery from train crossing footbridge in the 1960s
TG155 Trimdon Grange Colliery in the 1960s – sunk 1845, closed February 16th 1968
TG156 Trimdon Grange Colliery site
TG157 Trimdon Grange Colliery, winter 1964
TG158 Trimdon Grange Colliery site
TG159 Miners underground down pit in the 1960s Trimdon Grange Colliery
TG160 Another shift over at Trimdon Grange Colliery 1960s
TG161 Trimdon Grange Colliery bank top workers around 1930s
TG162 Trimdon Grange Colliery bank top workers
TG163 Railway workers of the 1930s with a load of track to lay
TG164 John (Pal) Shannon reflect so on his work as a miner at Trimdon Grange before closure on February 16th 1968. It was shown on television entitled “It’s Dark Down There”.
TG165 Lads at shaft bottom 1965 Trimdon Grange Colliery
L-R Jocker Batey : Dennis Proctor : John Lee : Andy Coulson : Harry Atkinson : Barry Anderson : Michael Hovvels
TG166 The Franklin family who featured as three generations of miners that worked at Trimdon Grange Colliery, in a program shown on television 20th February 1968 entitled “It’s Dark Down There”.
TG167 Trimdon Grange banner at Durham Big Meeting 1920s

Gallery 8:
TG168 Trimdon Grange Colliery banner on display in the Community Centre
TG169 Trimdon Grange Banner on show in the 1920s
TG170 Trimdon Grange banner at Durham Big Meeting in the 1950s
TG171 Trimdon Grange banner at Durham Big Meeting in the 1950s
TG172 Trimdon Grange banner down the Plantation 1963
TG173 Trimdon Grange pit banner, Durham Miners gala 1964
TG174 Trimdon Grange Colliery banner at Durham Miners Gala 1965
TG175 Trimdon Grange Colliery bank top workers 1940 (L – Michael Defty R – George Athey
TG176 Harold Wilson at Trimdon Grange 1960s
TG177 The demolition of South Plantation Row in the early 1960s
TG178 View of grassed over Plantern, Trimdon Grange from top of pit heap 1970s. Pit heap itself was reduced in 1972-73
TG179 Back of Thomas Street (The Plantern) 1950s
TG180 View towards pit heap site
TG181 The demolition of South Plantation Row in the early 1960s
TG182 Mr Saxone with a more modern form of transport in the 1940s Trimdon Grange
TG183 View towards pit heap site
TG184 Mr Saxone with horse which grazed in Butchers Field in the 1940s
TG185 Mr Saxone with wife, daughter and horse in Butchers Field
TG186 Back of North Plantation Row, Trimdon Grange in the 1950s showing outside ‘netties’.
TG187 Children of the ‘Plantern’ Trimdon Grange 1940s
TG188 Front of Oswald Row in the 1950s
TG189 At the back of Cross Plantation Row in the 1950s
TG190 Snow playtime in the ‘Plantern’ Winter 1962
TG191 Childrens group in the Plantern in the 1950s

Gallery 9:
TG192 Lads of the ‘Plantern’ 1953
TG193 Back of Walter Row 1951, the Plantern
TG194 Oswald Row, Cross Row and Walter Row, the ‘Plantern’ 1940
TG195 Back of Walter Row in the Plantern 1959
TG196 Front Street Trimdon Grange showing Co-op and Salvation Army band
TG197 Front Street
TG198 Cornforth & Coxhoe Co-operative store, Trimdon Grange staff in the 1920s
TG199 Front Street, Trimdon Grange around 1915
TG200 Front Street, Trimdon Grange 1915.20
TG201 Front Street
TG202 Front Street, Trimdon Grange around 1915
TG203 Front Street, Trimdon Grange around 1915
TG204 Front Street (Tulips Corner)
TG205 Front Street, Trimdon Grange around 1915
TG206 Trimdon Grange Colliery in the 1960s
TG207 Trimdon Grange Colliery around 1965
TG208 View of Trimdon Grange Colliery from the pit heap 1960s
TG209 Trimdon Grange Colliery in the 1960s
TG210 Down the mine (not Trimdon Grange) 1950s
TG211 Down the mine (not Trimdon Grange) 1920s
TG212 Digging for coal on Trimdon Grange pit heap during the 1926 pit strike
TG213 Coal Miner
TG214 Pitmen ready for next shify down the mine in 1920
TG215 Trimdon Grange pitmen ready to go underground in the 1960s

Gallery 10:
TG216 Miners trip to Blackpool in the 1950s
TG217 Trimdon Grange Coke Works
TG218 Trimdon Grange Colliery 1970 – view from old railway line from Trimdon Colliery
TG219 Trimdon Grange Colliery demolishing work started 1969
TG220 Trimdon Grange Colliery – only shaft left after demolishing work 1971
TG221 Underground down the mine – Blackhall Colliery 1966. Men riding inbye on the bottom belt of a Dowty Meco Varitrough Idler Manriding Conveyor. Note coal is carried outbye simultaneously on the top belt.
TG222 Butchers Field, Trimdon Grange 1970s
TG223 Butchers Field, Trimdon Grange 1960s
TG224 Trimdon Grange from top of pit heap 1960s (Plantern now demolished and cleared)
TG225 View of Trimdon Grange from pit heap 1960s
TG226 Trimdon Grange map 1939
TG227 Grange and Roper Terrace around 1920
TG228 Grange and Roper Terrace
TG229 Grange Terrace (left) and Roper Terrace (right) around 1900
TG230 Grange and Roper Terrace
TG231 Grange, Balmoral and Roper Terrace (L-R) around 1920s. Coal cart in centre, big building behind id the Co-op
TG232 Grange and Roper Terrace
TG233 St Albans Church, Trimdon Grange, built 1886
TG234 St Albans Church
TG235 South View, Trimdon Grange 1915/20
TG236 South View
TG237 Walter Wilsons grocery shop at the end of Lillie Terrace 1940s
TG238 Shopping centre
TG239 Trimdon Grange Front Street in the 1960s

Gallery 11:
TG240 Lillie Terrace, Trimdon Grange 1970
TG241 Lillie Terrace
TG242 Community Centre, Trimdon Grange – was formerly Trimdon Grange Council School, built 1880
TG243 Trimdon Grange Council Infants 1924 (now Community Centre)
TG244 Trimdon Grange Infants School 1924
TG245 *See note ;Trimdon Grange Infants School 1925 : *Note: I was just browsing through your collection of Eddie Pikes Photos and
believe TG 245 Trimdon Grange Infants school is mislabeled. The photograph is of Trimdon Parochial School. The teachers are Mr and
Mrs Stubbs (who I remember quite well). Info from John Robinson, 5/7/2016
TG246 Trimdon Grange Council Infants 1926 (now Community Centre)
TG247 Trimdon Grange Infants 1952
TG248 The Plantation (text description)
TG249 Trimdon Grange pit heap from the back of South Plantation Row and Walter Row in the 1960s
TG250 South Plantation Row demolished and cleared, Walter Row and Independent Methodist Church still remian in the early 1960s
TG251 Playground area
TG252 Trimdon Grange pit heap, bottom of Lillie Terrace in the 1970s
TG253 Back of North Plantation Row Trimdon Grange in the 1950s
TG254 Redesdale Court area
TG255 View of Trimdon Grange from South View 1950
TG256 Redesdale Court
TG257 Trimdon Grange Independent Methodist Church standing among the mud in a demolition area.
TG258 Redesdale Court
TG259 Six houses still occupied in South Plantation Row, tenants awaiting to be rehoused in the new estate at Trimdon Village.
TG260 Trimdon Motor Services – text history
TG261 A painted print of an Alton Bros. bus at West hartlepool bus station in the 1920s. Alton Bros Bus Co. were taken over by TMS in 1953
TG262 A Paul & Seymour bus, before it was formed as T.M.S. (1926 Vulcan model)
TG263 A 1930s TMS bus, 1930 AEC Regal

Gallery 12:
TG264 TMS bus 1940s
TG265 A 1930s TMS, a 1937 Dennis Lancet 2
TG266 TMS bus 1940s
TG267 A 1940s TMS bus, 1946 AEC Regal 1
TG268 TMS bus 1950s
TG269 TMS bus 1940s
TG270 TMS garage under construction in the 1930s
TG271 TMS buses at garage depot 1950s
TG272 TMS buses at garage depot 1950s (behind Picturedrome)
TG273 TMS buses at garage depot 1950s
TG274 TMS bus at Wingate, 1950s
TG275 TMS school bus 1950s
TG276 A TMS Durham to West Hartlepool bus, a 1952 Dennis Dominant
TG277 TMS new bus fleet 1950s
TG278 TMS bus at the Wingate Arms pub 1960
TG279 A TMS double decker bus at Tulips Corner, Trimdon Grange 1960s
TG280 TMS bus at Ferryhill 1980
TG281 Aerial view of TMS garage depot 1980
TG282 TMS bus at Spennymoor 1980
TG283 TMS buses in depot 1979
TG284 Sunrise Travel bus, part of TMS fleet 1980
TG285 TMS bus after service run 1985
TG286 TMS bus passes Fishburn Cokeworks 1985
TG287 TMS bus after service run 1986

Gallery 13:
TG288 Buses waiting to be sprayed to TMS colours 1985
TG289 TMS bus outside garage depot 1986
TG290 TMS bus at Church Road, Trimdon Village 1987
TG291 ‘Zebra’ coach in France, 1988 – company owned by TMS
TG292 TMS bus 1950s
TG293 TMS bus 1950s
TG294 TMS bus 1950s
TG295 TMS bus 1950s
TG296 A TMS bus trip ready to go in the 1930s
TG297 TMS bus 1970
TG298 TMS bus 1970
TG299 TMS on private hireTG300 ‘Zebra’ coach for tours abroad 1988
TG301 Blue Line bus, part of TMS fleet 1980
TG302 United bus – was formerly TMS – 1990
TG303 United bus – was formerly TMS – 1990
TG304 A TMS bus ticket from the 1950s
TG305 The laying of foundation stones for Aged Miners homes at Hopper Terrace, Trimdon Grange July 4th 1914
TG306 The laying of foundation stones for Aged Miners homes at Hopper Terrace, Trimdon Grange July 4th 1914
TG307 Back of No.3 South View 1930/31. Car is an Overland Whippet.
TG308 The family who lived at No.1 South View, Trimdon Grange
TG309 Winter 1947 Trimdon Grange – South View/Down Terrace/Northside Terrace junction
TG310 Back of South View in the 1960s
TG311 Back street view

Gallery 14:
TG312 Trimdon Grange Infants School 1953 – now community centre
TG313 Trimdon Past & Present Exhibition 1990
TG314 Trimdon Grange Map 1897TG315 Discovery of coal before reclamation, Trimdon Grange pit heap 1972
TG316 Trimdon Grange Map 1914

Eddie Pike’s Photo Collections – Trimdon Grange added October 2015